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Real-time data protection for your sensitive personal and financial information

Included in your membership, at no additional cost, DataMask by AOL is an anti-keylogging and anti-phishing software that helps protect you from internet threats and identity thieves.

We’re sorry, DataMask by AOL is not currently available for Mac users. Please return to this page on a PC to download DataMask by AOL for your desktop or click on the “Mobile Version” tab above to use it with your iOS or Android device. To view other products included in your plan, please visit today.

Real-time data protection for your personal information on your mobile device

Included in your membership, at no additional cost, DataMask Mobile by AOL is an anti-phishing software that creates a more secure browsing experience on your existing mobile browser.

DataMask by AOL helps protect you by:

  • Blocking mobile phishing sites that trick you into entering your private data
  • Securely storing all your photos, documents and videos with E-Vault

Download DataMask by AOL, included in your plan, to help keep your data protected

  • Powerful Keylogging Protection

    Patented technology replaces actual keystrokes with fake, random keystrokes to protect your personal information.

  • Blocks Phishing Sites

    Provides immediate warning to safeguard you from entering confidential information and steers you away from fraudulent sites.

Keylogging and phishing are two simple ways for hackers to steal your data online

  • What is Keylogging?

    Tracking of users' keystrokes in a covert manner, which is then used to gain fraudulent access to passwords and confidential data.

  • What are Phishing Sites?

    Fraudulent sites created by hackers that trick users into providing personal information so that they can steal it.

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Safety and security at your fingertips

Our patent-protected technology protects your personal information from cyber crooks. It actively helps you avoid mobile phishing sites designed to trick you into providing your login information and passwords.

Plus, E-Vault allows you to collect and securely store all your photos, documents and videos from anywhere in one place. You can access any file you save to E-Vault from all your computers, mobile devices and tablets.