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  • AOL Mail

    AOL Mail

    AOL Mail is free to everyone! It offers unlimited storage, world-class spam and virus protection, 25MB attachments and more!

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  • AOL Help Me (free quick scan!)

    AOL Help Me (free quick scan!)

    Call a tech expert who can perform a quick scan of your computer to see exactly what's slowing it down.


  • AOL’s All-In-One Desktop Software

    AOL's All-In-One Desktop Software

    The all-in-one experience with mail, instant messaging, browsing, search, content and dial-up connectivity.

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  • Password Manager by AOL

    Password Manager by AOL

    Never forget another password—manage them all from one secure place, plus create strong unique passwords to protect yourself from hackers & thieves.

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  • AOL Reader

    AOL Reader

    Manage your news, blogs and social feeds all in one place! Works on your phone, tablet and computer - whenever and wherever you want.

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  • Games.com


    Access to some of the web's most popular online games - from classics like Solitaire and Hearts, to Jewel Quest and Cubis.

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  • AOL Mobile

    AOL Mobile

    The AOL Mobile site showcases all of AOL's mobile sites and apps. Simply choose the mobile device you have, and a list of apps and sites appear.

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  • AOL On

    AOL On

    Access premium original videos across all of the topics you care about.

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  • Moviefone


    The web's premier destination for film news, celebrity interviews, movie trailers, show times and more.

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  • AIM


    AIM is messaging. And much more.

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  • GPS for the Soul

    GPS for the Soul measures a proxy for your stress, and helps you course-correct with music, breathing exercises and pictures of your loved ones.

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  • Slow Computer?

    Find out what's slowing down your PC and learn how to speed it up fast with your complimentary System Checkup.

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  • AOL Help

    Get comprehensive help for all things AOL. Easily search by issue or browse by area of interest.

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