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With AOL Total Advantage Plus, you get VIP customer service, PC security tools for you and your family, and tons of other great savings and benefits. Take Advantage today!

Features of this plan include:

  • Enjoy up to 13GB of free storage space and 25 4x6 prints (per year) from Photobucket, where you can store, share, edit and print your favorite photos.
  • Securely browse the internet and store cloud-based data all on your mobile devices with Datamask Mobile by AOL (available for up to 5 devices).
  • Disguise your keystrokes so hackers can’t see the sensitive information you type with DataMask by AOL (available for up to 5 computers).
  • Save money, explore new opportunities, volunteer, and much more with AARP (available to 50+ age group).
  • Stay connected to your family and close friends on the web or your mobile device with Life360 Premium.
  • Encrypt everything you send and receive on your mobile device over public WiFi with PRIVATE WiFi Mobile by AOL (available for up to 2 devices).
  • Make yourself invisible to hackers on any public WiFi network in the world with Private WiFi provided by AOL (available for up to 3 computers).
  • A secure, online step-by-step end-of-life planning service to protect you and your loved ones with AfterSteps.
  • Defend against viruses and malware undetected by traditional antivirus software with this next generation of computer protection with AOL Tech Fortress (available for up to 3 subscriptions).
  • Get your PC running at top performance and speed with AOL Help Me Optimize.
  • Safeguard your personal information with LifeLock® Identity Theft Protection.
  • Easily access and manage your online accounts and passwords from one safe and secure location with AOL OnePoint (available for up to 5 computers).
  • Got a problem with your software or operating system? We've got the solution with AOL Help Me Fix It.
  • Remove your personal information from the internet and stop up to 80% of unwanted direct mail with MyPrivacy.
  • Get computers, printers, and more set up in a snap with AOL Help Me Setup.
  • Take control of your online reputation with MyReputation Discovery, and start monitoring and tracking your personal search results today.
  • Nasty computer virus? Use AOL Help Me Remove Viruses and have a live AOL tech expert locate and remove harmful viruses from your PC now.
  • Prepare or update your will–completely free–with the experienced attorneys of Hyatt Legal Plans. Plus, get unlimited face–to–face and telephone advice from participating local attorneys.
  • Safely store your important files and favorite photos via Norton Online Backup, which provides up to 5 computers in your household with 5GB of secure online storage.
  • The AOL VIP Loyalty Program & Customer Support gives you 24x7 priority phone access to AOL’s most tenured and skilled customer service representatives.
  • Earn up to 8% cash back when you book your travel through Priceline.com®.
  • Get up to $1,500 Extended Computer Protection per year to repair or replace your computer in the event of hardware failure.
  • Enjoy a Sprint 10% Discount on select monthly service plans, including iPhone plans with unlimited data. New and existing Sprint customers can qualify.
  • Protect up to 3 household computers against viruses, spam and other online threats with McAfee® Internet Security Suite.
  • Get expert Live Technical Support by phone or chat.
  • Get fast and reliable Unlimited Dialup Service with 6,000+ nationwide access numbers – all available through AOL’s Desktop Software.
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  • I recommend LifeLock to anybody and everybody whether you have credit cards or not, your name is always at risk of being impersonated.
  • You give me peace of mind. I have used Tech Support several times already, and I am very satisfied with the help I received.
  • These are wonderful benefits – I've been an AOL subscriber for at least 20 years, and you keep on getting better – thank you!

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  • AOL Total Advantage


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